10 Online Cooking Classes You’ll Love

Cooking classes are loads of fun and you don’t have to physically be outside to take them. Check out this list of websites that offer free online cooking courses and learn how to be a professional cook in a short time.


Everyone loves those seasonal sugar cookies with royal icing. They’re pretty and yummy too! Check out Biscuiteers‘ guide to how to make sugar cookies and icing for every occasion.


Master your butchery skills at home so that you can cut your own meat and chicken effortlessly. Check out GreatBritishChefs website for cooking techniques, recipes, and their comprehensive How To Cook guide with many categories like how to pickle, how to bake, how to make stock, knife skills and more.


Get some short clips on slicing and dicing and enhance your knife skills with Skillshare’s video tutorials. The website offers many courses on other topics like photography, creative writing, art and more.


A variety of fresh pasta shapes made by Elena D’Agostino.

Ever wanted to make fresh pasta at home? Here’s your chance! Instructables offer a free online class on how to make Italian style pasta from scratch. They have hundreds of cooking classes for you to enhance your skills in the kitchen.


TheKitchn is an online cooking school that offers a full cooking course for free. So, if you want to learn knife skills, braising, boiling, steaming, sauces, baking, roasting and much more. There’s a full course comprised of 20 days of cooking techniques and tools.

BBC Food

Did you know that fruits and vegetables have cutting techniques that could make your life a lot easier? BBC Food will teach you all you need to know to reduce waste and cut fruits and vegetables in an easy way.


Spices make every dish better! Learn how, when and how much spices to use when cooking different dishes at MilkStreetCooking. They offer many cooking classes like baking, using stuff in your pantry, how to use herbs, how to make pasta and how to use kitchen equipment.


OnlineCookingSchool offers 320+ courses that take your skills to the next level. Of the many courses offered they have egg essentials, weeknight meals, feeding a crowd, sauces and dumplings.


Desserts don’t have to be hard or take a long time, try out one of Tastemade’s no-bake desserts and enjoy!


Making a pizza is not rocket science but it is an art and everyone likes their pizza differently. Learn how to make a pizza at home from scratch at DinnerTonight.