14 Places to Safely Leave Your Kids When You’re Too Busy

Kids can be a handful when you’re busy or just need some time for yourself. You deserve some time off to unwind and relax! We’ve made a list of some places where you can leave your little ones to play, be entertained or learn while you go shopping, have a coffee or do your own thing.

*Listed according to location

6th of October and Sheikh Zayed

Empower Football Academy

Empower is a football academy for both boys and girls to learn how to play in a team.

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Clubliko is a safe play area for kids up to 8 years old. Monitored and organized by an animation team.

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Bubbly is an arcade games center with a play area for your kids to unleash all their energy.

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Kid & Co. Kindergarten

Kid & Co. Kindergarten is a kindergarten that offers healthy meals, education programs and fun games for children.

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Billy Beez 

Billy Beez is one of Egypt’s biggest play area with lots of activities and games for your child.

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Little Explorers

Want your child to discover who they want to be when they grow up? Drop them off at Little Explorers and let them explore!

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Kids Town

Kids Town is the perfect place to drop off your kids to have an exciting day full of fun and learning.

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Positive Spot

Positive Spot offers a cultural spot for kids to learn about art, music, book clubs and more.

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Suburban Toddlers Child Development Center

Suburban Toddlers Child Development Center offers the perfect spot for your child to learn new skills and talents.

*Also located in 6th of October

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New Cairo


Kidzania is the place where your kids will not want to leave! You can leave them for hours while you enjoy sitting at any cafe or restaurant in the mall or shopping at Ikea.

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Kiddles is a play area and classes that provide the ultimate child learning experience in the most enjoyable environment for kids (3+ years).

*Also located in Sheikh Zayed

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Family Park

Family Park is the perfect place for kids to roam and explore in outdoor areas as well as indoor classes.

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Want your child to get away from all the electronics and appreciate nature a little more? Take them to Kidzoo so that they can have a breath of fresh air and have fun feeding the animals.

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