15 Places to Buy Natural Beauty Products

If your skin is badly affected by the toxins in the beauty products that you’re using and you’re tired from all the chemicals, we have a list of products that will change your life! These shops offer products that are made with 100% natural ingredients and they have online shopping and delivery services.


Elixir is an Egyptian natural beauty products brand that offers a variety of premium bath and personal care products. Their products’ range is facial care, soap, shampoo, shower gel, hand cream, deodorant, conditioner, scrub, essential oil, serum, and massage tools, all-natural.

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Kawket Bodycare


Kawket Bodycare offers natural organic beauty products that fit in everyday use. For healthier alternatives than the manufactured packaged products, Bostan Bodycare has quality handmade body care products with different scents and for different skin types.

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Black Lotus

Black Lotus is an Egyptian brand for good quality natural products for skin and body. Their products include essential oils, sprays, deodorants, bath and feet care, carrier oils, massage oils, scrubs, masks, raw butter and oils, hair products, skin care products, soap bars, all organic with different scents and uses.

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Zamalek Market

Zamalek Market is a weekly market held in Zamalek, where care products are sold every Saturday. This farmers’ & artisans’ market promotes local products, includes a cooking & crafts studio and an events space. So you could either find the products that you need or sell your own!

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Bubblzz offers a wide range of bath and body care products. Their products are made with wholesome and natural ingredients like organic oils, essential oils and aromatic fragrances and are free from harsh chemicals to nourish the skin from inside out. Their products include soaps, lip balms, deodorants, face and body scrubs, shower gel, lip scrubs, lotions and hair care products.

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Body Bakes

Body Bakes will help you take good care of your skin with their line of products that include soap, oil, scrub, deodorant, bath bomb, skincare, lotion, and lip balm. You can also order a gift set and dedicate it to your loved ones as a special treat on a special day. Don’t forget to pamper yourself!

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Nūn Center

Nūn Center in Zamalek hosts a market where you’ll find a variety of natural products sold at a good price. Check their Facebook to learn about the market and the products they offer.

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Imtenan Health Shop

Imtenan sells all different kinds of natural products and skin care products, and they have a shop around every corner! Their products range from healthy snacks to oils, scrubs and shampoos.

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Nefertari offers 100% natural body care products, free from preservatives, coloring agents or artificial fragrances and handmade in Egypt. You can find different kinds of soap, scrubs, lotions, shower gels, shampoos and skin care products at Nefertari.

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Noon Natural Cosmetics 

Noon sells beauty products for hair and skin that are made with natural ingredients and infused with essential oils.

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In Natural

In Natural brings nature to you in the shape of your skincare products to make your skin look healthier than ever!

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Joviality sells and delivers natural beauty products online and at their booth located in Mall of Egypt and Cairo Festival City Mall.

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Healing Herbs Boutique

Healing Herbs Boutique offers different kinds of skincare products with unique scents. All their products are natural and have no chemicals or artificial additives. Their products will help you take better care of your skin without any effort.

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Eden Greens Egypt

Eden Greens Egypt is an environmentally-friendly shop that produces natural handmade wellness products. They use premium-quality materials, expertise, and cosmetic science certification to present safe, eco-friendly products made in Egypt.

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Lily Treats

When you just need to unwind from a week’s stress, pop-out one or more of Lily Treats’ products and indulge in an aromatherapy session. Their products include: Body Splash, Room & Linen Spray, Body Moisturizer, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Body / Face Masks, Face Moisturizer, Eye care products and much more.

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