7 Eco-Friendly Services You Will Want To Know About!

Everyone is going eco-friendly and trying to figure out ways they can help the environment and clean up some of Egypt’s trash. If you’re wondering how you can contribute too here are some ideas of ways you can give back to the environment and help out mother nature.

Smart Straws

Smart Straws is an Egyptian company that produces paper straws for a more eco-friendly product that doesn’t harm the environment.

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Trash4Cash is an environmental service that picks up your paper trash for recycling and gives you money for it!

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Dawar App

Whenever you see any garbage on the street you can pick up your phone, take a photo and send the location through Dawar App and they’ll send the right entity to clean and collect trash.

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Go Clean

Go Clean is a service that takes your garbage, recycles it and exchanges it for money or household products. All you have to do is separate plastics, paper and metals and give them a call to come pick up your trash and recycle it.

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Collect all the useless stuff at home and get rid of them in an eco-friendly way with Bekia where they’ll recycle it.

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Men Jadeed 

Send recyclable materials to the right place, and help in creating a resource not a waste with Men Jadeed.

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Zebala Store

Zebala Store will take your empty soda cans, empty water bottles, carton, rubber and old newspaper and paper and recycle it into something new for you to buy!

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