8 Bakeries in Cairo Making Halloween-Themed Desserts!

Whether you’re holding a Halloween party or going to one, you’ll definitely want to try one or more of these Halloween themed cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cake pops and donuts!

Cakes and Bakes

From cookies, cupcakes, finger food, popcorn, candy, juice, and jars, Cakes and Bakes has it all Halloween themed!

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Tasty Two 

Tasty Two’s witch hat cupcakes, skeleton man and ghost cookies, pumpkin cake pops and spider web donuts are both fun and delicious to eat!

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Biba’s Bakery

Biba’s Bakery’s Halloween cake is full of candy, worms, spiders, mud and a lot of yummy Halloween things!

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BonBonty does customized cookies that you can order for Halloween and let your kids indulge their sweet tooth!

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Carousel’s awesome Halloween themed baked goods and desserts are not just fun for the kids but also tasty for everyone!

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Mira Cakes

Find some unique custom-made cake designs at Mira Cakes and order according to your own taste!

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Cupcake Pro

Want unique Halloween cookies and cupcakes? Order some freshly baked cookies from Cupcake Pro and have a spooky Halloween!

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Ratios Bakery

Got the chills? Calm yourself with a warm cup of tea and a freshly baked Halloween cupcake from Ratios Bakery.

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