9 Places in Cairo that Will Make your Fried Chicken Dreams Come True!

When in doubt, have some fried chicken! It’s the ultimate American comfort food and everyone loves it. That’s why these restaurants offer to turn that frown upside down when you’re in need of crunchy, deep-fried-till-golden chicken heaven.

New Cairo

Chickin Worx

When it comes to chicken go to the experts, Chickin Worx offer chicken strips, fried cheese balls, fried wings, soft buns, and crispy fries. The works!

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When you’re in the mood for some good food call Seasoned because frying stuff is their specialty! From frying shrimps to burgers and pizza, you can’t go wrong with Seasoned.

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Fat Cow

When your fried chicken cravings set in and you’re in dire need for some American comfort food head to Fat Cow and let them make your bad day go away.

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Bonsai is a high-end restaurant that serves delicious dishes cooked with premium quality ingredients. Their menu includes a few yummy fried chicken options.

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Sheikh Zayed

Country Hills

If you like your food crunchy and cheesy head to Country Hills and check out their menu. Don’t forget to try their signature Mac and cheese it’s one of the best in town!

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*Country Hills is also located in Mall of Egypt and Heliopolis


Shocks Burgers

There’s nothing better than old-school fried chicken sandwiches and soft buns but at Shocks Burgers they know how to twist the flavors and add new ingredients to take you on a new journey with every bite.

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Kansas Fried Chicken

Give their juicy, tender and crunchy fried chicken a try and satisfy your hunger at Kansas Fried Chicken.

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Chicken Fil-A

Chicken Fil-A’s huge and yummy fried chicken sandwiches will definitely fill you up especially with their crispy sides like fried mozzarella sticks, onion rings, chicken nuggets, and cheese potato tots.

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Chicken & Ribs

Whether you like your fried chicken sandwich to be traditional or like to have it with waffles and honey, Chicken & Ribs has it all.

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