Activites to Do with Your Family at Home

Spending quality time with your family is important and inevitable when you’re staying at home anyway. Make this time memorable for your loved ones with these few activities that the whole family will enjoy. A super fun week is heading your way!

Card Games

Card games are a lot of fun, especially if one or two of your family members is really competitive! Games like go fish, Uno, Phase 10, and Monopoly Deal are cool to play for everyone.

Do a Picnic

Don’t forget safety measurements and distancing, but take your family out in an open area if you have access to one and enjoy the outdoors with some snacks and games.

Grow Something

Whether it’s herbs, flowers, vegetables or fruits, taking care of plants and gardening could be a very fun and relaxing activity for your family. All you need is a pot, soil and some seeds to start growing! Find out some of the plants you can easily grow at home

Do a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are fun for everyone but it takes a bit of planning to get it right. Hide a prize, could be anything from candy, toys, a coupon offering a massage or something special. Then start hiding clues around the house with each clue leading to the next or daring the person to do something or misleading the player so that they go from the start!

Cook Dinner TogetherĀ 

Three pairs of busy hands helping to roll the dough to make an appetizer.

Cooking is a super fun activity especially if you get the kids on board. Prepare a nice meal together as a family and make everyone participate by assigning roles.

Go for a Bike Ride

Riding a bike and letting the fresh air run through your hair is awesome especially when you do it with your loved ones.

Wash the Car

A great family activity that is also useful is washing the car together. Get those towels, soap and water and start cleaning!


Create a mini bowling pit in your living room or any free space using a few empty bottles and a ball. Create teams and start bowling!

Reminisce Old Times

Watch your old family videos or albums and tell the stories of each memory or incident.


Get a huge canvas and get the whole family to create a masterpiece of art and hang it on the wall.

Go Camping

You don’t have to travel to go camping. If you have a small tent and enough room in the house just set it up there and get your games, snacks and stuff and sleep in your tent. Don’t have a tent? Do a pillow fort!

Do Magic!

Learn some magic tricks and practice together, find out how you can do impossible but easy magic tricks that anyone can do.

Play Charades

Start your own charades tournament, make teams, pick your categories and start guessing!

Do a Talent Show

Got a singer in your house? Let everyone showcase their talents and skills, vote on the best skill and give the winner a grand prize or a trophy.

Play Dress Up

Everyone gets to dress up to be whoever they want and you can make a play based on each character and film it.

Start a Science Experiment

Science experiments are so fun and they teach you things about science. Here are some experiments you can do at home using minimal resources.

Look at the Stars

Go outside at night and start stargazing and naming each star you find.

Do a Water Balloon Fight

Those are incredibly fun. Fill your balloons and start the battle to see who gets wet the most!

Do an Act of Kindness

Bake your neighbors a cake, make some food for people on the street or even give a stranger a compliment and get your kids to do it with you.

Fly a Kite

Getting a kite up high can be tricky but it’s a fun activity to do outdoor.

Make OrigamiĀ 

Origami is actually pretty fun when you get the hang of it. Search for whatever you wanna make, get some paper and start your Origami.

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