6 Places that Have the Best Hot Chocolate in Town

Winter time is hot chocolate time and not anyone can master the art of hot chocolate. Just the right temperature, foam, sweetness, chocolatiness, and to top it all off with a candied ending; mini marshmallows is how we like our hot chocolate. Here are a few places that have made our winters warmer with their hot chocolate bliss.

*Listed according to location

Sheikh Zayed

30 North

30 North are experts in the coffee field but have you tried their hot chocolate? Take a sip, sit back and relax. Located in Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo and Zamalek.


With branches in Sheikh Zayed, Heliopolis, and Mall of Egypt, Ted’s has a special surprise for Nutella lovers, Nutella hot chocolate!


House of Cocoa

Cocoa is their name and chocolate is their game. House of Cocoa is a chocolate specialist and there’s no joke about it. Their hot chocolate is divine and you have to try it! Located in Maadi, Zamalek and Mall of Egypt.


Creamy goodness in all types, whether you like dark or milk chocolate Ovio has it all. And, they never forget the marshmallows! Located in Maadi, Sheikh Zayed, Zamalek, Nasr City and New Cairo.


Coffee Berry

One of the best hot chocolates we’ve had in a while was Coffee Berry’s, they have 7 different flavors you could add to your drink. Located in Heliopolis, New Cairo and Zamalek.



TBS’s hot chocolate will forever be an all-time favorite. Get your quick drink from any of their shops available citywide and enjoy a hot white, dark or milk chocolate.