10 Best Places for Fresh Croissant in Town

A nice breakfast is never short of a freshly baked French croissant with feta cheese, thyme, sugar-glazed or just plain and simple, add to that a side of cappuccino and you’ve got yourself a great morning pick-me-up. Here are a few places where you can grab a quick croissant.

*Listed according to location


Ratios Bakery

This bakery brings out some of the most divine pastries you’ve ever had. Ratios also bakes bread to go so you can have freshly baked bread day-to-day.

Ralph German Bakery

We’ve been recommended to try Ralph German Bakery’s chocolate croissants. Originally located in Dahab, Ralph continues to bring what we love the most about them here in Cairo, their huge satisfying breakfast!


Miette French Bakery

Located in Zamalek, Heliopolis and New Cairo, Miete is a French Bakery famous for its breakfast and coffee. Their bakery items are so diverse you’re going to want to go every day to try something new.


Breakfast croissants cannot be done any better! If you have some time on your hands MAAT is not to miss, with a cup of fresh orange juice and the lovely view of the Nile.

Nasr City

One Tiny Table

Available for Nasr City residence, One Tiny Table makes cakes, cookies, donuts and so much more. We’re curious about trying their croissants.

New Cairo


A good pastry and coffee is what we’re always looking for and what we so easily found at Vasko. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goodies are enough to have you sitting there all day.

Peony Cafe

Next on our list is Peony Cafe. Pink peonies are the theme for this one and we cannot wait to venture on a little girl’s adventure to this place and try their Lotus croissant.



Can we just take a minute to appreciate how good Locanda’s croissants look? We’re seeing so many yummy looking drinks on their menu as well and we’re heading over there right now!

West Side


Famous for their cakes, mini sandwiches and bread, Simonds offers a wide selection of baked goods and they’re conveniently located in Dokki, Downtown, Zamalek, Mohandeseen and Sheikh Zayed.



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