12 Best Youtube Cooking Channels to Subscribe to

Figuring out what to cook every day can be exhausting but with this guide you’ll be getting your week’s recipes and cooking in no time. Just check out any of these Youtube channels for the best cooking and baking recipes and videos out there.

NYT Cooking 

Cooking made easy! Check out NYT Cooking for the easiest recipes for those long and hard dishes to make.

If you like watching Professional chefs attempting to make some of our favorite products like Cadbury Egg Creme, Milky Way and Jelly Beans, this is the channel for you!

Probably one of the best ideas we’ve ever come across! Binging with Babish brings unrealistic or obscure dishes from our favorite cartoon shows or movies to life! His channel also has different categories for different types of dishes and cooking skills.

Minimalist Baker

Food is life and if you ever felt like experimenting with different cuisines around the world then you’re in the right place. Minimalist Baker has awesome recipes from India, Mexico, Lebanon, China, and many more. The channel has many healthy and vegan recipes that are easy to make.


If you haven’t heard about Tasty yet then you’re missing out a lot! Tasty’s quick, easy and yummy looking recipe videos are all you need if you’re lazy about cooking.

J. Kenji López-Alt

Get some new ideas and your daily cooking inspiration from J. Kenji López-Alt’s Youtube channel.


Check out ChefSteps for easy instructions on more complicated techniques and try your hand at complex dishes and learn from expert chefs.

You Suck At Cooking

Do you suck at cooking? Not a problem, laugh along You Suck At Cooking‘s easy cooking videos for recipes you can make with few skills and few ingredients.

Pro Home Cooks

Yummy food is about to go to another level! Pro Home Cooks has awesome recipes that you will want to start making now!


Quick recipes have never been easier! Subscribe to emmymadeinjapan and try out some of her easy recipes for food, drinks or baked goods.

Eat what you see on TV! Do you actually know how TV food tastes like? Well, Raphael Gomes is here to show you.

Peaceful Cuisine

Are you into Japanese food? You’re in for a treat. Peaceful Cuisine has all the Japanese recipes you need to get started, just tune in and watch.