Order Books Online with these 10 Cairo-Based Services

When it’s time for you to add more books to your bookshelf, buy some books online and save yourself the hassle of looking around. It’s as easy as picking out the books you want, placing your order and waiting for it to be delivered by one of these online book delivery services.

AUC Bookstores

Find that one book you can’t seem to Find anywhere at AUC Bookstores and have them deliver it for you!

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Diwan Bookstore

Diwan is a widely known bookstore that offers book delivery services and all you have to do is visit their website and shop online.

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The BookSpot

The BookSpot is a bookstore located in Maadi that also has an online store for book delivery.

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Blue Book

Blue Book’s unique book collection will have you on the edge of your seat while reading, order them online now!

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Books Stop

Burn through your books as much as you want and buy some more from Books Stop so that they can deliver it straight to you.

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Book CastleĀ 

Every book you need from A to Z you’ll find at Book Castle, place your order through Facebook or Instagram.

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Novetopia Bookstore

Not sure what to read next? Browse through Noventopia Bookstore’s book collection and place your order online.

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Bookworm Egypt

If you’re a fast reader then you’ll love this online service where you can choose from a variety of new and old books and have them delivered to your doorstep!

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Bookstore170 offers a variety of books from different genres so that you can enjoy your drama and action too.

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Ocean Book Store

Order online from Ocean Book Store and forget about all the fuss of having to find a bookstore with cheap prices.

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Blue Book Store

Enjoy your cup of tea with your favorite book and order more books online from Blue Book Store’s wide collection.

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