13 Coffee Shops That Serve The Best Coffee Around Cairo

We know that finding a nice place to sit at with a rich aromatic cup of coffee can be hard, to celebrate international coffee day we’ve gathered a few places we think offer the best coffee in town and a great atmosphere too. Bring a book, your work or a friend and enjoy your coffee at one of these 13 places.

*Listed according to location



If you’re thinking of breakfast and coffee then Miette is the place to go. Miette is a French bakery where you can have your coffee dose while reading your favorite book.

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Simonds bakery and cafe

Simonds is a vintage bakery and cafe that has been around for ages and is everybody’s favorite go-to place for a freshly baked croissant or a rich chocolatey dessert with a cup of cappuccino.

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*Simonds is also located in Mohandeseen, Dokki, Downtown and Sheikh Zayed


Get your daily dose of coffee from people who know how to perfect their cup of coffee at Cova.

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Sea Salt Bakery

Sea Salt Bakery offers healthy salads, sandwiches and good coffee so you can enjoy a meal that’s good for you and get your healthy caffeine dose.

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Holm Cafe

Holm Cafe is a cozy neighborhood cafe in Zamalek where you can enjoy some coffee.

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Marny’s Co

Marny’s Co is a great place for breakfast, coffee and a delicious dessert. Whenever you’re in Maadi and craving some coffee pop into Marny’s Co and enjoy!

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Cafe Greco

Want to have a great cup of coffee with a yummy piece of cake? Visit Cafe Greco, one of the most celebrated coffee places in Maadi, and treat yourself to a macchiato and freshly made sandwiches.

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Black Shots 

Black Shots is a cozy spot in Maadi that specializes in freshly brewed coffee that you can enjoy with a chocolate muffin.

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Ralph’s German Bakery

Ralph’s German Bakery will delight you with German baked goods, hearty breakfast options, freshly baked bread that you can take home and good lattes.

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Eish & Malh

Eish & Malh is an Italian restaurant in Downtown with a great view of the old downtown streets, they offer good quality Italian coffee in a nice atmosphere.

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Sheikh Zayed

30 North

30 North offers coffee options from around the world, so whenever you feel like experimenting with new brews, head over to 30 North in Sheikh Zayed! Their desserts are also exceptional 😉

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Il Mulino Bakery & Restaurant

Il Mulino is a French Bakery that offers exquisite dishes, salads, desserts and cool frappes and smoothies. Their cold coffee is very refreshing and tasty.

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*Il Mulino is also located in Maadi

New Cairo

Espresso Lab 

Espresso Lab is a specialty coffee house that serves a wide variety of gourmet coffee, salads, sandwiches and sweet delights.

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*Espresso Lab is also located in Maadi and 6th of October