15 Furniture and Home Accessories Stores to Add a Unique Touch To Your Home

If you are having a hard time looking for a nice gift to give to your loved ones on a special day or want to add some decorative touches to your home and need a fresh look, here is a list of the best shops or places that offer the right services that do just that. Happy shopping time!


Coushies is a brand of premium hand-embroidered decorative cushions made in Egypt and shipped worldwide. Coushies believe that decorative cushions have a magical effect on transforming a boring room into something wonderful; whether they are thrown on a messy living room sofa, stacked on a tidy bed or even on the floor.

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Frog: Stationary, gifts and home accessories

Frog is a service that provides stationery, home and office accessories, giveaways and other gifts distributed in more than 25 outlets around Egypt. Frog was established to empower the Egyptian-made gifts market by improving the quality of products and designs of goodies found in gift stores and bookshops. Their products include trendy gifts, home accessories and stationery inspired by ancient and contemporary Egyptian Culture.

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Warde Egypt

Warde Egypt is a luxury home furnishings retailer carrying imported fabrics as well as wallpaper and bespoke curtains. The collection includes high-end indoor and outdoor upholstery, children’s and outdoor fabrics and wallpaper.

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Pieces is a new line by Contistahl group, featuring a mix of stainless steel and wood products. With Pieces you can add an elegant touch to your home. Each product is designed with a unique edge and b\eauty, plus a durability that will last a lifetime.

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Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery is a shop and an online delivery service that sells unique home accessories with simple taste. Their products include decorative pillows, coffee trays, tea sets, plates, bowls and dishes, photo frames, candle holders, stools, plant pots, boxes, and kitchen utensils.

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NillensNillens is a shop and an online store that creates colorful and unique bedding, loungewear and accessories. Their specialty is mixing and matching different fabrics to create unique, bold, and playful designs. Their products are 100% cotton and 100% local, they include duvet covers, bed sheets, towels, cushions, kilims, home decor, baby bedding, loungewear and more.

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The EGO Gallery

The EGO Gallery offers handmade and specially designed home accessories with a unique Egyptian touch that will make your home completely different than any other!

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Aya Home Textiles

Dreaming about redesigning your home? Aya Home Textiles offers a service through which you get the opportunity to customize your own bedding and towels. Put an elegant touch to your home and visit one of there stores or just place your order online.

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Pléverre offers plexiglass furniture and home accessories all Egyptian. You can place your order online and have it delivered to you.

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Style-Treasure offers hand-picked creations by young Egyptian, Arab and international designers. Products range from clothing to home accents.

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Tamara Fabrics

Tamara Fabrics focuses on not just providing fabrics for your home, but art and beauty. If you pick a simple curtain or cushion with a unique design it can add a nice touch to your home.

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Let’s Linen

Let’s Linen offers an elegant collection fine bedding to create a mood of luxury mixed with excitement. The colorful mix of fabrics will bring a positive change to your home.

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SHNAG Designs

SHNAG Designs is specialized in interior design for residential, offices & commercial properties, delivering a fresh & innovative approach to the interior design world!

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Ellie Home Décor

Ellie Home Décor is a design studio where you can find stylish handcrafted items to fill your home according to your own preference and comfort. Creating handmade décor and home accessories that will surely add a touch of humbleness and creativity to your cozy home is Ellie Home Décor’s specialty.

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DanDasha Gallery

DanDasha Gallery‘s home accessories will add a touch of spiciness to your home! Check the items you like through their Facebook, place your order and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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