12 Gyms that Offer Classes for Kids

Worried about your kids not getting enough exercise? Good news! You don’t have to sign them up for sports at the club if they’re not into it, instead take them to the gym with you so they can try out one of the classes made especially for kids. Here are a few gyms that offer kids classes.

*Listed according to location


Feet Stamp

Kids need to be outdoors and what better way to do that than practicing archery, basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, parkour, football or martial Arts. These classes are all on offer at Feet Stamp in Maadi and New Cairo.

Haram & Manial

Life Style

Children really love boxing. Take them to Life Style Gym’s Boxing for kids classes and let them take out all their energy.

4U Gym

Nothing better than ensuring your child’s safety and performance than having a personal trainer with them through every step. 4U Gym offers personal training and nutrition sessions.


Venom Fitness Academy

Show your kids how to be healthy, brave, and strong through Aerobics and Martial Arts exercises at Venom Fitness Academy.

Nasr City

Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do Academy

Kung Fu, self-defense and martial arts are great ways to practice discipline, patience and strength. Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do Academy offers all these classes for kids and adults.


Idea Gym

Enough screen time! Get your kids to start moving at Idea Gym’s Fitness and boxing classes for kids.

Danzone studio

Dancing is another great way to keep your kids moving. Danzone Studio offers ballet, hip-hop and contemporary dance classes.

New Cairo

Brass Monkeys

Dance, gymnastics and ballet, Brass Monkeys offers multiple classes for different age groups so that the class isn’t too crowded and your kid could have their coach’s full attention.

The Boxing Academy 

Located in Mokattam, Rehab, Mirage, Sheraton and Shorouk, The Boxing Academy is a good place for your kids to release some energy and get fit.

6th of October & Sheikh Zayed


Perseverance and confidence are taught early on. Take your kids to AOS’s outdoor junior classes and teach them how to be champs!

Diva Gym

You don’t have to worry about where to leave your kids when you want to go to the gym anymore, Diva Gym offers a full schedule of classes for kids on every day of the week. And a play area for when they just want to play.


Train with The Champions

The kiddos deserve some fun out in the sun! Train with The Champions is the perfect place for outdoor kickboxing classes.