7 Local Streetwear Brands with an Egyptian Twist to Shop At

Born out of rebellion, streetwear has always been the simplest yet most noticeable form of self-expression. Pushed forth by the consumers themselves, this concept of attire is made by the public, for the public. 

The rich culture and diversity in Egypt make it easy to combine with the phenomenon of streetwear, and today’s youth have definitely taken advantage of that. Here is a list of 7 of the most up-and-coming Egyptian streetwear brands.


An artistic clothing brand where every item is a statement piece. Founded in late 2018, Richa uses clever tactics to combine Egyptian and Western elements, creating trendy and eye-catching pieces. 


An Egyptian-Canadian Brand aiming at simplicity, Suuk is committed to sustainability and quality. Their timeless designs and minimalist vibe will easily fit into anyone’s closet.


Walhesh offers a vintage vibe using old shots of Egypt paired with Arabic calligraphy, giving it a unique and nostalgic aesthetic. 


Colorful, energetic, and fresh. This Trendsetting brand dates back to 2013; With clever phrases and fun visuals, UNTY’s pieces are sure to never go out of style.  


Founded back in 2019, Ensan Store mixes the old with the new by using the artwork of the 1900s on very modern-looking silhouettes. In their own words, “Orientalism is an art movement between the 18th and 19th century that imitates depictions of the Eastern world through art, design, and writing. Our mission is simple, bring as many fabrics from that region and combine them with western-style clothing.” The name of their products is also very Egyptian, as they have El Shisha and El Tawla T-shirts. 


A relatively new brand, Zy stays true to its roots by choosing an Arabic name. Zy means costume and incorporates some Egypt-themed designs into its clothing lines.

They also use their platform to give back to the community through their It takes one to cheer up one campaign, where they give free T-shirts to children in need with every order made by a customer.


Last but definitely not least, true to the nature of streetwear, LGNDRY CRTR screams skater-chic. The comfortable on-the-go-looking matching sweatpants and hoodies, the oversized T-shirts, and the flashy designs contribute to the effortlessly trendy, too cool to care vibe.  

The timeless feel and homage to the culture are what make these brands special. But the intricacy and innovation of every product are what will ensure their longevity. What these brands have in common is that they are quintessentially Egyptian and show that no matter how impacted we are by globalization, we will always be Egyptian at heart.