Movie Addicts – August 25th

Each week we update you on what new films are hitting cinemas around town with trailers and ratings so you can impress your friends with all the movie trivia you know 😉  What’s in store for movie lovers this week??

A widow begins to uncover her recently deceased husband’s disturbing secrets in The Night House, a deadly confrontation and the loose ends of a life spent killing will weave themselves ever tighter in THE PROTÉGÉ, the girl group beloved by the world ‘BLACKPINK’ celebrates the 5th anniversary of their debut with the release of Blackpink: The Movie, and a group of pets who must set aside all differences when faced with a common, external problem in Pets United.

The Night House

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86% Fresh (Critics) – 67% Fresh (Audience)

The plot: Reeling from the unexpected death of her husband, Beth (Rebecca Hall) is left alone in the lakeside home he built for her. She tries as best she can to keep it together but then nightmares come. Disturbing visions of a presence in the house calling to her, beckoning her with a ghostly allure.

Against the advice of her friends, she begins digging into her husband’s belongings, yearning for answers. What she finds are secrets both strange and disturbing. A mystery she’s determined to unravel.


Rotten Tomatoes Score: 60% Fresh (Critics) – 75% Fresh (Audience)

The plot: Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody (Samuel L. Jackson) and trained in the family business, Anna (Maggie Q) is the world’s most skilled contract killer. But when Moody, the man who was like a father to her and taught her everything she needs to know about trust and survival, is brutally killed, Anna vows revenge.

As she becomes entangled with an enigmatic killer (Michael Keaton) whose attraction to her goes way beyond cat and mouse.

Blackpink: The Movie

Rotten Tomatoes Score: (Critics Rating Unavailable) – 70% Fresh (Audience)

The plot: BLACKPINK band consists of JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA, it has been growing explosively ever since they first stepped out into the world on August 8th, 2016, along with its fandom ‘BLINK.’

As hectic as the past five years have been, all the memories, delights on the stage, and their shining moments have been wrapped ‘like a gift for all the fans’ in BLACKPINK THE MOVIE. The film consists of diverse sequences focused on each and every member of BLACKPINK, a message for the fans and a dozen hit songs will be unfolded.

Pets United

Rotten Tomatoes Score: (Critics Rating Unavailable) – 10% Fresh (Audience)

The plot: Roger, a stray dog, teams up with Belle, a spoilt pet cat, as they attempt to survive a takeover of their home city. With very few options left, they embark on a high-stakes adventure. Pets United is the sequel to Animals United.