10 Places for Delicious Noodles Around Cairo

Noodles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and textures, they could come on a plate, in a box or in a soup but we love them in all sorts of ways. Here are 10 places around Cairo for delicious noodles that you won’t be able to resist!

*Listed according to location

Sheikh Zayed

YAU’S Asian Kitchen 

Fast, customized, and packed, that’s what YAU’S noodles are. You can choose the flavors, proteins, and toppings of your noodles, and they cook them and pack them up in their cute green boxes. YAU’S really fill their boxes to the brim, so you are guaranteed a full meal.

Fresh Food Market

Like everything else there, the noodles at Fresh Food Market are fresh and made right in front of you. You can top it with whatever ingredients and flavors you want to make it your own. They will serve your noodles however you like them.


Sabai Sabai

Found in Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed and Nasr City, Sabai Sabai is a Thai restaurant that never disappoints. Their noodle salad and pad Thais come in generous portions and are packed with flavors and toppings. They don’t cheaply put on meats, so you know you will have a packed plate of noodles.

L’Asiatique – Le Pacha

L’Asiatique is known for its sushi and well-put Asian décor, but what you might not have known is that they also make delicious noodles. L’Asiatique masters everything Asian in an elegant and quiet setting, perfect for date night or a splurging dinner outing.


Dragon House

This Maadi tucked-away Asian restaurant serves different types of noodles. Dragon House serves Chinese and Thai noodles, so you have a wide variety to choose from.

Bua Khao

This Thai place in Maadi has the most authentic Pad Thai in Egypt. Bua Khao might look fancy from the inside, but it is actually very cozy and affordable.

Asian Corner

Another Maadi gem, Asian Corner, has been long-standing and serves authentic Asian cuisine, including noodles!

El Amrekany

Tucked away in Cairo’s little Chinatown, Al Abbaseya, El Amricany is as authentic as it gets. They serve hand-pulled noodles, so everything is fresh and absolutely plate-licking good.



This modern eatery located in Mohandeseen, Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo has an underrated noodle dish on its menu that we would like to appreciate and highlight. Bocca’s Salmon Teriyaki dish comes with a generous side of udon noodles with grilled bok choy and shiitake mushrooms, and it is absolutely delicious.


You must be wondering what is Crave doing on the list? Well, Crave has consistently flavorful glass noodles that complete any dish it is served with. Have it as a side with the beef or salmon teriyaki and thank us later.