6 Pet Shelters You’ll Find in Cairo

On International Animal Rights Day we’ve decided to show everyone the way to making the lives of our little furry friends a bit easier. These shelters help house and feed stray animals, so you can get in touch and send them any stray animals that you find or adopt a sad puppy and make them happy.

EVAC Egyptian Vets for Animal Care

EVAC rescue and treat animals that have been left on the streets of Cairo and place them in an animal shelter.

EVAC’s contact details

ESMA ‘Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals’

ESMA is a charity organization that saves stray animals and gives them shelter and food where they can live safely.

ESMA’s contact details

HOPE – Egyptian Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation

HOPE takes in balady dogs, treat them medically and rehabilitate them so that they can live happily with other fellow dogs.
Animal Protection Foundation

Homeless animals have rights too, they deserve to be treated, fed, trained and loved. That’s exactly what Animal Protection Foundation does.

Animal Protection Foundation’s contact details

CART “Cairo Animals Rescue Team”

Animal abuse is very common in Egypt, especially in less educated areas. CART raises awareness on how animals should be treated, they also rescue and shelter animals.

CART’s contact details

S.P.A.R.E – Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt

S.P.A.R.E spares animals’ lives by educating Egyptians and rescuing stray animals that need help.