6 Rice Pudding Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

A special dedication to all the rice pudding lovers. This cold and milky creation is just the perfect dessert after any meal and these places have taken it upon themselves to bring us new flavors instead of just serving plain old rice pudding.

Salé Sucré

We just had to start with them because they have truly captured the essence of rice pudding with new flavors that are just delightfully good.

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The king of rice pudding. Elmalky is known for their milky desserts and they are literally around every corner so you’ll never miss a shop. Head over and have your favorite rice pudding with all or none of their delicious toppings.

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Check out Tortina’s rice pudding croquant, soft and silky from the inside with a crunchy layer of sweet almonds on the top. You’ll be licking your spoon clean.

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Well known for their Um Aly, rice pudding, Mehalabeya, Basbousa and ice cream, Saber has been around for ages, feeding their yummy desserts to generations and generations.


ElMadina ElMonawara

When it comes to desserts, ElMadina ElMonawara know exactly what they’re doing. They have us every time with their fresh waffles, crepes, ice cream and literally everything they make. You’re really missing out if you don’t try their rice pudding with all the toppings.

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Em Sherif

Em Sherif’s delicious Lebanese food is not all that they have, their underrated rice pudding is a dessert you’d want to try too if you’re not too full after your meal.