6 Sushi Catering Deliveries Around Cairo

We know you’ve been asking your friends to go out and have sushi for weeks now and we’ve got you covered with the perfect plan! Check out these sushi catering services that deliver all around town and finally make those plans at home!


Kintsugi’s premium quality rolls and delightful presentation are pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.

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Abby’s Kitchen

Can’t find freshly made rolls that are still fresh when they get to you? Order all you crave from Abby’s Kitchen and they’ll deliver right away in airtight packages that will keep your food crispy fresh.

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Ama sushi

Get the best offers and discounts when you order from Ama Sushi. They deliver anywhere in Heliopolis and New Cairo.

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sushimi by k

Catering for events, parties and every special occasion, Sushimi by K offers a variety of sushi platters that will please everyone.

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toro sushi

Quality sushi at amazing prices! Order some mouthwatering sushi from Toro Sushi and delight your tastebuds.

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Soups, appetizers, sushi and desserts, find all that and more in Arigato’s all you can eat menu.

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