Top 15 Baking Youtube Channels to Subscribe to

When baking gets too challenging and your cakes always tend to come out burnt, it’s time to hit the books – and we don’t mean literally, because with this list of baking Youtube channel you’ll be dusting off those baking skills and flexing your baking muscles.

Rosanna Pansino 

Rosana offers baking tips and tricks that will wow your family with the results!

Joy of Baking

A good baker knows how to bake anything to perfection! Find any baking recipe you’re looking for at Joy of Baking, you’re welcome!

Bigger Bolder Baking 

Gemma is here to teach you how to be BOLD with baking. Showing you some of the best baking techniques to use to make the hardest recipes.

How To Cake It 

Learn how to turn anything you like into cake. Anything?! Yes, anything! How to Cake It teaches you how to make cakes in the shape of burger patties, shoes, candles, wings, fruits, candies and much more.

Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery

If you’ve just turned vegan or have been doing it for a while, Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery will teach you all you need to know to make all the desserts you like vegan!


Cupcakes and cakes are the best thing in the world! Don’t you agree? Subscribe to CupcakeJemma and learn some unique recipes for the yummiest cakes!

Beginner bakers will love this channel! Learn how to bake, pizza, cakes, cookies, biscuits, it’s your one-stop baking shop!


SimplyBakings will teach you how to make cookies, brownies, milkshakes, pies, cakes, ice cream and everything sweet. The channel also has many vegan recipes.

Make some food that is too cute to eat! With some guidance from kawaiisweetworld those desserts will look just as sweet as they taste!


Sweet, sweet, sweet! Everything sweet at Chelsweets, learn how to assemble the best cakes ever!

Baking With Josh & Ange 

Baking doesn’t always have to be sweet. Tune in to Baking With Josh & Ange and learn some awesome recipes that might seem bizarre but are actually very good!

The Flour Box Shop

We think that sugar cookies are one of the cutest cookies out there and if you’re in the habit of baking treats for your kids then The Flour Box Shop will definitely give you some cool ideas.

We just love desserts, don’t you? It’s always a good idea to have something baking in the oven, no better way to make everyone feel at home. watch Bake With Neetu‘s tutorials and get baking!

Bake with Jack

Baking Bread might not be as easy as you think. Learn how to make different types of bread with Bake with Jack’s tips and tricks.

Sophia’s Kitchen 

Enter into the fairy tale world of Sophia’s Kitchen where you’ll find many tutorials on baking and cooking recipes that will get you up and running in the kitchen every day.