8 Unusual Desserts to Try Around Cairo

When it comes to desserts our sweet tooth never fails us because we always have space for sweets. For National Dessert Day we’re going on a tour around Cairo with our favorite spots that offer unusual desserts we haven’t seen anywhere else!


Taiyaki came on top of the list for a reason, they sell 3 desserts that you usually wouldn’t find in Egypt. A Japanese waffle ice cream shaped like a fish, Mochi and black or matcha ice cream.

Location: New Cairo


Binge’s crazy milkshakes might just be the trendy new thing! You’d expect a milkshake to already be sweet enough but at Binge, they go the extra mile and add a piece of your favorite dessert on top of it. Not for the fainthearted!

Location: Garden 8, New Cairo


We just can’t get over how fluffy these Japanese cheesecakes are, pair them with your favorite sauce from chocolate, caramel or Lotus and enjoy!

Location: Galleria40, Sheikh Zayed

Uncle Fluffy

Another Japanese cheesecake expert would be the famous Uncle Fluffy. Their selection of jiggly cheesecakes and desserts will blow you away.

Locations: Cairo Festival City Mall, City Stars, Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, Point90 Mall and Madinaty

Nola Cupcakes

Cronuts are basically donuts made with a croissant pastry. Nola Cupcakes make these with strawberry, raspberry and Nutella.

Locations: Heliopolis, Zamalek, Mohandeseen, CFC Mall, Rehab, Maadi, Park St. and Americana Plaza


Chimney cakes are growing popular at a couple of places around Cairo. They are rolls of buttery pastry filled with ice cream and topped with any of your favorite toppings + a sauce of your choice.

Location: Galleria40, Sheikh Zayed

Eish & Malh

Eish & Malh make their own ice cream in-house and they have the most peculiar flavors like chili chocolate and more.

Location: Downtown


Cookiebite is an online cookie delivery bakery that makes the gooiest yummy-looking cookie pies we’ve ever seen! The kind that goes from your mouth straight to your heart.