13 Online Comedians that Will Make You ROFL!

Don’t give in to the change of season blues and check out these funny/very relatable online comedians who create videos regularly to make you laugh and make your day better!

Peace Cake

This popular group is on top of the list for a reason, they’re funny AF! Their comedy series Romanseya Manseya is hilarious and they have tons of other sketches that you must check out.

Amr Wahba

Amr Wahba will crack you up with his constant mocking of day-to-day situations.

Hesham Afifi 

Hesham Afifi’s El Tahleel El Estrategy series is hysterical! He analyzes English and Arabic songs, commercials, games and even campaigns.

Omar Sharky

King of impressions and dramatically comical videos Omar Sharky is one YouTuber you don’t want to miss!

Fatma Abd Elsalam

Laughter is always the solution. Fatma Abd Elsalam doesn’t fail to make awkward situations and characters in the Egyptian society laughable and very amusing.

Tameem Youness

Widely known for his famous song Enty Ay Kalam, Tameem Youness answers questions that are confusing to us all through his entertaining/funny videos.

Mohanad Al Hattab 

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Mohanad’s ludacris imitation of girls is always relatable and everyone loves how he mimics millenials and does voiceovers on famous celebrities.

Aiman Mostafa

Always on the go, Aiman Mostafa is famous for the ridiculously funny reaction videos he does from his car.

Mohammed Tarek

Can you zbeack zis way? Learn all about the Egyptian accent from Mohammed Tarek while he does his funny faces and eye-rolling.

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Mai Ibrahim

Want to be entertained? Check out Mai Ibrahim’s comic videos of her commenting on things we all know and hate.


One of our favorite comedians out there that don’t always get the appreciation they should is Abdoul. Abdoul reflects on daily situations with funny videos that will always crack you up.

Seif Zahran

Choking hazard! Don’t watch this video while you’re eating or drinking because it will make you LOL for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Eslam Hossam

Don’t stop! Watch Eslam Hossam’s videos till the end for some real laughs.