13 Physiotherapy Places in Cairo

It’s hard to find a good place that offers physiotherapy done by professionals. That’s why we’ve collected a few places around town where you can get your body rehabilitated after injuries. 

*Listed according to location

Mohandeseen & Dokki

Physio Rehab

Did you know that physiotherapy can help in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation, and correct your posture? Visit Physio Rehab and get it all fixed over a course of sessions.

Located in 30, Dokki Street, Dokki Square, Giza. Tel: 0101 005 4319


Elagi is a therapeutic center for physical therapy and rehabilitation. It adheres to international standards in providing a good medical and health service.

Located in 8 Abd El-Azeem Basha Rashid, Al Agouzah, Giza. Tel: 0112 188 4477


OsteoEgypt uses global and specific tools for evaluation and treatment ideas required to treat common physical therapy cases.

Located in 5 Lebanon Street, Mohandeseen. Tel: 0102 245 5502

Performa Clinics

Performa is a physiotherapist and rehabilitation center that offers correction for: Postoperative, spine problems, back, neck and joint pain, sports injuries and post-fractures, rheumatism and tendinitis and posture problems. They also have Chinese needles and cupping, therapeutic massage and Siacho massage.

Located in 13 Al Woroud, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza. Tel: 0101 777 8885


Informa Center

You can find both physical therapy and nutrition at Informa.

Located in 22 street 105, Maadi. Tel: 0102 129 2239

New Cairo


The German Medical Healthcare Corporation in Cairo is dedicated to Physical & Neurological rehabilitation therapy. Available for different age ranges and genders, and above all has been built on international standards.

Located in Platinum Club 243 South Academy, Off Northern 90th Road, Fifth settlement Cairo. Tel: 0100 181 2181


Stern’s professionals will diagnose the root cause of your problem and give you an accurate diagnosis then the appropriate treatment.

Located in First New Cairo. Tel: 0111 688 2206

Nasr City

Alfa Care

Treat your knees, ankles, shoulder or back pain at Alfa Care and don’t stay paralyzed by your injuries or pain.

Located in Nasr City and New Cairo. Tel: 0101 280 8094



Physiotopia for physical therapy & rehabilitation center provides treatments and services, using the best modalities and equipment for the patient’s wellbeing.

Located in 94 Abdel Aziz Fahmy st, st. Fatima Cairo, Heliopolis. Tel: 0111 193 3304

ARC is a non-surgical rehabilitation center for scoliosis. They offer different types of physiotherapy and weight management treatments.

Located in Heliopolis and Maadi. Tel: 0102 025 0400

Sheikh Zayed

Circle 5 Clinic

Circle 5 Clinic is a physiotherapy clinic that also has acupuncture specialties trained in china.

Located in Building (C) Twin Towers, Sheikh Zayed. Tel: 0111 122 2018


Physio Cure

Physio Cure is a physiotherapy clinic that offers a unique model of assessment and treatment for patients. A team of 40 doctors is dedicated to helping patients reach their goals.

Located in New Cairo, Maadi, Heliopolis and Sheikh Zayed. Tel: 0114 474 5563

I.P.C Physical Therapy

I.P.C Physical Therapy Clinic is a Medical care Facility catering for your physical therapy needs. A qualified team of medical practitioners working with the most up-to-date equipment to ensure you receive the most effective treatment.

Located in Heliopolis, New Cairo and 6th of October. Tel: 012 2245 2555 – 012 2418 2861