The 9 Best Florists in Cairo!

With a big day right around the corner, these professional florists certainly know how to make any customer feel special. Only a phone call away, here is our pick of the eight best florists for stunning floral gifts!

Awan El Ward

Awan El Ward is known for its unique flower wrapping. If you are looking for something unique that speaks to the heart, this is your perfect florist.


LA VIE FLEURIE is known for its artistic feel. They can put together a beautifully curated range of flowers for you or your loved ones.


Bloom has a variety of flowers and artificial flowers that are perfect for any occasion you have. One phone call away and Bloom delivers right to the doorstep.

Joie De Vivre

Elegance speaks when it comes to Joie De Vivre, they are not one to disappoint when it comes to putting together a beautiful set of flowers for your special someone.

Sally Helmy Fleuriste

This is not your basic florist where they fix you a bouquet and deliver, no. They are known to be tops in floral concept design when it comes to giving you charm and luxury.

Not only do they deliver flowers for every occasion, they also create beautiful bridal bouquets for the big day.

Flower Power

Flower Power not only have the power to give you a single bouquet of breathtaking flowers, but they also create floral arrangements for any occasion you need. Their attention to detail never fails.


Rousique is your go-to flower florist when you are looking for that perfect rose. They deliver their roses in their Rousique boxes.


In the heart of Zamalek, but they deliver all over Cairo, Gardenia creates unique and personalized arrangements of all types for all occasions. It has a loyal customer base that has grown over their years of operation.


For fresh, artistic arrangements for special occasions, or for when you want to show a special someone that you care, you can depend on Fleurtation to create a gorgeous display of the freshest, carefully selected blooms.