Munch On Yummy Cookies from 13 Online Deliveries

This is the list we’ve all been waiting for, these 13 online delivery shops have mastered the art of making a cookie and we are in love with the outcome. We’ve ordered online and we are waiting impatiently for our delicious cookies to arrive!

Milk ‘N Cookies

We haven’t seen anyone do peanut butter jam cookies before and we are hella excited to try this one. Milk ‘N Cookies deliver all around Cairo and Alexandria as well.


Shhh. It’s cookie-a-clock, bring the milk and order a bunch of cookies from Creamy’s and enjoy them on your couch at home.


There is no argument that gooey cookies are the best and where better to get them than O’fudge?

Its Weirdough

Weird combos are Weirdough’s specialty and trust us when we say that all their recipes work! You can order them online or find them at one of their many locations.


If you’re hungry for some cookies, relish in Cookievore’s joyful cookies with s’mores, Oreo, Cadbury and more.

The Warm Delights Bakery

No matter what the weather is, nothing is better than warm cookies and milk in your belly. The Warm Delights Bakery sells cookies with Lotus, Kinder, pecan, butterscotch, espresso, Nutella, Reese’s Cups and more.

Cookie Bite

Ever wondered why are cookies so hard to resist? Cookie Bite has the perfect answer to that question. They’re just plain bliss!


We love cookies of all shapes and colors, Chewies has all that and more. Look for them in Lavista, North Coast or order them online.

Oven Heaven

Oven Heaven’s unique flavors are just divine and we’re not just talking about their cranberry white chocolate goodness, they also have caramelized pumpkin spice and mint chocolate chips!

Tasty Two

Like many other things cookies are one of the small things to enjoy in life and we know how hard it is to find gluten-free, dairy-free, or just healthy cookies. Tasty Two has it all.

Nude Bakery

Cookielicious cookies are what’s on offer at Nude Bakery. They got the crunch, the munch, the gooey and the chips.

Chip Me

Classic chocolate chips, lotus, s’mores, brownie, Nutella, Kinder and chocolate-dipped cookies are all yummy and all available at Chip Me to order online or visit one of their locations.

Oozy, gooey, chocolatey goodness awaits you in the form of cookie pans, cookie dough and cookie cakes. Order from