Catering and Delivery Services for a Delicious Ramadan Table

In the mood for palate-pleasing, heartwarming food to make your iftar extra special? A lot of your favorite restaurants and catering services are just a phone call away.

Homemade Catering

Abby’s Kitchen

Abby’s Kitchen offers homemade sushi, as well as catering services throughout Ramadan in 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed.

Signature dish: Abby’s Double Special.

Tel: 0100 0003320
Facebook/Instagram: @abbyskitchenbynadine

Fiesta Delights Catering

Fiesta Delights is known for complete high-end catering services with a tantalizing selection of dishes and finger foods.

Signature dishes: Miniature Sandwiches.

Tel: 0127 674 3304
Facebook: @fiestaDelights.egypt
Instagram: @fiesta_delights_catering

Ghada Nawara

Chef Ghada excels in creating new dishes for her high-quality international menu. Catering can be done for 150 to 200 persons.

Signature dishes: Roast Beef with Prune Sauce, Duck with Freek, Stuffed Onions

Tel: 0120 002 7188
Facebook: @Ghada Nawara
Instagram: @ghadanawara        

Home Made Catering

Home Made Catering offers a wide selection of menus to cater for Ramadan gatherings. The menu includes anything from finger-food to the most to typical oriental dishes. you can select your items yourself or have them delivered. 

Signature dishes: Sophisticated canapés and hors d’oeuvres.

Tel: 0122 389 0145
Facebook: @homemadecatering.homemade
Instagram: @homemadecatering

IRG Catering

IRG Catering offers a wide variety of beautifully prepared International and Lebanese dishes.

Tel: 16852
Facebook: @IRG Catering

Louly Halawa Cuisine

For busy housewives and working women during Ramadan, louly Halawa’s Cuisine has multiple frozen easy-to-use, quick-to-prepare vegetables, meat and other items.

Tel: 0109 888 0707
Facebook: @Louly Halawa Cuisine
Instagram: @Lou.halawa

Ma Cuisine

Ma Cuisine offers homemade catering for different tastes; Oriental, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian and more. For daily needs, its ready-to-go healthy meals will definitely save you time and effort.

Tel: 0122 950 0919
Facebook: @MaCuisine

Matbakh Shams

Experience gourmet Egyptian cuisine at its finest this Ramadan. Matbakh Shams offers a variety of signature dishes cooked with expertise and love. Choose from a selection of time-honored dishes, all ideal for family gatherings and corporate events. 

Signature dishes: Stuffed Pigeons, Stuffed Onions, Chicken Sharkasseya

Tel: 0102 707 7777
Facebook: @matbakh shams
Instagram: @matbakh_shams_

Modica Catering

Modica offers a wide range of international dishes for any size gathering up to 3000 persons.

Signature Dishes: Chicken Stir Fry with Cashew Sauce, Beef Fillet with Mushroom Sauce, canapés and cold bites.

Tel: 0128 876 7313
Facebook/Instagram: @Modicacatering

Ranette Rana Ghoraba

Finger food, savories and sweet items, creatively presented.

Tel: 0100 661 7745
Instagram: @Ranette_ranaghoraba

Sett ElBiet

Home-style dishes and Ramadan favorites.

Tel: 0122 696 9446 or 0111 465 6667
Facebook: @Sett Elbiet catering

The Caterer

A selection of Ramadan menus and frozen food, all bursting with flavor and prepared with care.

Tel: 0120 688 8800
Facebook: @The Caterer


Frozen ready-to-cook food to make Ramadan meals a breeze.

Tel: 0101 993 3339
Facebook: @Yumamia

Restaurants Catering


Single meals and frozen food ready prepared for cooking. Apron has special Ramadan dishes to please the whole family.

Tel: 01091999676
Facebook: @apronegypt

Baladina  (October & Zayed)

With a tempting range of traditional Egyptian and Oriental dishes, Baladina caters for both iftar and sohour.

Signature dishes: home-baked bread and feteer.

Tel: 0112 222 8887 or 0120 288 9977
Facebook: @Baladina
Instagram: @baladinaoriental

Beit El Ezz Resto

Tel: 0101 317 8885
Instagram: @beitelezzresto

Bon Appetit

Tel: 0100 608 4676
Facebook: @Bon Appetit Catering
Instagram: @bonappetit19101


Authentic Lebanese cuisine with a wide array of starters and main dishes, as well as desserts. 

Signature dishes: Djaj Msahab, Spiced boneless chicken served with potatoes and beetroot sesame paste.

Tel: 0102 709 4433
Facebook: @Caracas

Casper & Gambini’s

Known for its wide selection of international dishes, it also offers great burgers, sandwiches, pizza and tempting salads. Low-calorie options are also available.

Tel: 16852
Facebook: @CasperandGambinis Instagram:@casperandgambiniseg

Chef Corner

Offering a full range of both Oriental and international dishes.

Tel:  0111 141 5777
Facebook: @ Chef Corner Catering

Chef by The Cookery Co

Delicious Oriental and International dishes, dips, starters and desserts to make a memorable Ramadan iftar.

Tel: 0114 420 0044
Facebook: @thecookeryco
Instagram: @thecookeryco

Chez Dawlat Hanem

For lovers of authentic Egyptian and Oriental cuisine, Chez Dawlat Hanem offers catering with a wide variety of time-honored favorites. 

Signature dishes: Roast Duck, Stuffed Pigeons, Roast Turkey, Crème Brulée.

Tel: 0111 341 1143 or 02 37709055
Facebook: @Chez Dawlat Hanem Restaurant
Instagram: @chezdawlathanem

Clubliko Restaurant

Tel: 0109 682 8670 – 0102 888 8335
Instagram: @clubliko


Crave catering offers a full experience, with waiters, chefs, equipment, crockery, glassware and more to make your event hassle-free. Exciting menus will take you to different levels of tastes and experience for iftar and sohour

Signature dishes: Everything!

Tel: 0128 800 003
Facebook: @craveegypt
Instagram: @Crave_egypt

Favilla Lounge

Offering a menu packed with mainly Italian dishes and specialties, Favilla lounge can deliver right to your door. Sheikh Zayed area.

Tel: 0100 3233 646
Facebook: @favillalounge

Il Mulino

For a huge menu of delicious international specialties, including sushi, pastas, pizza and heavenly desserts, give Il Mulino a call. Don’t miss out on the brown bread wraps either!

Tel: 0122 328 8854
Facebook: @Il Mulino Bakery & Restaurant
Instagram: @ilmulinoeg

Kom El Dikka Agrilodge

Tel: 0122 244 0012 – 012 7150 0504
Facebook: @Kom el Dikka Agrilodge



Tel: 0109 336 6664
Facebook: @kazouzaegypt

Le Pacha 1901

le Pacha’s catering department prides itself on a successful record that spans over two decades. A wide selection of menus, entertainment and tailor-made arrangements give you unlimited choice. Traditional menus, nouvelle cuisine, haute cuisine and ethnic cuisine.

Tel: 19982

Mr. Kong

Who said Ramadan has to be all about oriental food? Mr Kong offers authentic Asian cuisine like you experience abroad, freshly wok’d, hitting you with bold flavors. An experience of great food!

Tel: 0100 213 4422
Facebook: @ Mr.kongeg


International cuisine, desserts and pastries. Delicious family meals for Ramadan.

Tel: 19801 / 0101 333 3890
Facebook: @Ovio

Seasons Country Club

Tel: 0100 342 4777
Facebook: @Seasons Country Club
Instagram: @Seasonscc

The Smokery

Home Catering and Ramadan Catering

Tel: 0102 601 9175



Le Lido Club House, City View Compound
Tel: 0115 000 6655
Facebook / Instagram: @AfrangiBakery

Cookies ‘N More

Tel: 010 914 33 740
Facebook: @cookiesnmore


Tel: 0128 888 0555
Instagram: @coppermeltegypt

Dessart Shop

Tel: 0111 812 3775 / 0111 200 0506

Address: 9 El Sad El Aly St., Dokki
Facebook: dessartshop
Instagram: dessart_shop


Tel: 0101 933 3398
Instagram: @DevourCupcakes
Facebook: @Devour
20 El Thawra St.
Tel: 0122 080 6066
Sheikh Zayed: Galleria 40 Mall
Tel: 0120 600 2602


Tel: 16340

Facebook: @dukespatisserieegypt

Hella Good

Available at Holm Café, 15 Al Marsafy St., Zamalek, and via Facebook orders!

Tel: 0128 145 1606
Facebook/ Instagram: hellagoodegypt

L’eclaire Paris

New Cairo – Downtown Mall
Tel: 0106 182 5555
Cairo Festival City Mall (Tel: 010 164 01344 89)
Omar Ibn El-khattab St, Heliopolis (Tel: 0101 942 9947)
7 El-Thawra St., El Korba (Tel: 0101 942 9944)

Nola Cupcakes

Tel: 16714
Instagram: @nolacupcakes


Tel: 19515
Instagram: @lapoireegypt

The Batter Half & Co

17 Mohamed Mazhar St, Zamalek (Tel:  0102 448 8878)

The Four Fat ladies

Tel: 16679
Facebook/Instagram: @THEFOURFATLADIES
Zamalek: 8 Brazil street
Korba: 18 Baghdad Street
6th of October: Guezira Plaza
Maadi: 10, 218 Street, Degla


Tel: 16679
Facebook: @tbsfresh
Instagram: @TBSEgypt


Facebook/Instagram: @tortinashop
Heliopolis: 105 El Merghany St. Tel: 0127 515 5499
Concord plaza Tel: 012 880 04279
Zamalek: 12 Hassan Sabry St. Tel: 0120 302 2406
6th October City (Arkan Mall) Tel: 01125695633
Mohandseen: 24 Abdel Meneim Riad St. Tel: 0102 806 3330
Kattameya Heights Tel: 0102 806 3338
El Maadi Address: 2 Laselky Street, New Maadi. Tel: 0100 473 7334


Facebook/Instagram: @troufaegypt
Zamalek: 18 Salah El Dim Street – Tel: 02 2735 6805
Cairo Festival City Mall – Floor 2


Tel: 19918
Instagram: @Tseppasmg

Sale Sucre

Tel: 19632
Instagram @salesucrepatisserie

Sultana Icecream

Tel: 0100 013 8153
Instagram: @siltanaicecream

Zanobia Patisserie

Tel: 0121 122 2262
Instagram: @zanobiapatisserie_eg

Sweet Spot

Tel: 0100 003 6522



Cairo Marriott

Tel: 02 2728 3000

Pick up – Call 24 hours in advance

Conrad Cairo

Tel: 0122 744 3800
Email: [email protected]
Facebook/ Instagram: @conradcairo

Four seasons Nile plaza:
(Menu to go – Pick up)

Tel: 02 2791 7000
Instagram: @fscaironp
Facebook: @FourSeasonsHotelCairoNilePlaza

Intercontinental Semiramis

Tel: 0122 602 3624
Facebook: @ICSemiramis
Instagram: @icsemiramis

Mena House – Moghul Room (Pick up)

Tel: 0106 8817733
Facebook: @MarriottMenaHouseCairo
Instagram: @marriottmenahousecairo

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

3ezoumti by Kempinski: Tel:  0102 600 3524, 02 2249 5300
Email:  [email protected]
Bab Al Qasr on Uber Eats

Stiegnberger Tahrir

Tel: 0102 502 0444 Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @ steigenbergertahrir
Facebook: @ Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo