8 Places to Eat Heavenly Chocolate Cake

This is probably our favorite list ever because who can resist a slice of a really rich moist chocolate cake? The answer is no one ever! These places make us want to bite into some delicious cake with chocolate frosting and to have a hot cup of coffee to sip on the side. Mmm… heaven.

Whole Slice Bakery

Whole Slice Bakery is a home-based bakery that offers cakes, baked goods and all things sweet! Get your flourless chocolate cake delivered to your home.

Cake Cafe

With various locations out in Sheikh Zayed, Zamalek, Swan Lake, Palm Hills and Pyramids Hills. Cake Cafe offers a big variety of cakes that you won’t be able to choose from. They also serve sweet hot chocolate and hot drinks.

Ruchi Desserts and Bakery

Pamper your taste buds with Ruchi Desserts and Bakery’s delicious chocolate cake. They are online based and they deliver.

The BundtCake Boutique

Bundt cakes are just marvelous with some tea at tea time. Get your chocolate bundt cake delivered to your door and you don’t even have to move from the couch.


BREW & CHEW’s delightful warm chocolate cake is made with Belgium chocolate making it rich & velvety on the inside. Perfect with a side of vanilla ice cream!

Flour Girls

Flour Girls is a home-based bakery that makes fresh cakes, jam, bread, quiche and cannelloni. What’s better than homemade chocolate cake?