14 Classes Around Cairo to Get More Flexible

Do you feel super tight? Muscles tend to tense up when you exercise and don’t stretch them out regularly. It’s time to get those long lean muscles you’ve always been dreaming about. Head over to one of these gyms that offer flexibility classes and you’ll be jumping into splits in no time!

*Listed according to location

New Cairo


Experts in the aerial silks and flexibility department, Gravity offers standing splits, backbends, and many more amazing classes.

Flexana Yoga

Toning, meditation and flexibility go hand in hand at Flexana Yoga’s Flex and Cleanse toning flow, Fit and Flex and Journey to splits. They also offer yoga and pilates classes.

Prima Yoga Studio

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance from your coach. Prima Yoga studio offers yoga, meditation and splits and hip opening flexibility classes.

Brass Monkeys Studios

Brass Monkeys Studios has you covered with online classes so you don’t have to go anywhere while you can practice flexibility right at home.


The Pole Room

Other than pole and hoop classes, The Pole Room in Zamalek offers hip opening, splits and back bending flexibility courses.


Flip and go crazy with flexibility and flip arts classes at Flip Inverted Arts in Zamalek.

Sheikh Zayed

3Sixty Pilates Studio

Did you know that Pilates improves not only strength, balance, core but also flexibility?3Sixty Pilates Studio has all the equipment to stretch you out.

Circus Hub

Offering handstands, pole, hoop, aerial silks, flexibility, twerk, splits, yoga and ballet. Circus Hub truly is the hub for anything and everything feminine and has to do with flexibility.


AcroDance Aerial Academy

Get flexy and sexy at AcroDance Aerial Academy’s flexibility classes for both begginners and advanced.


Aerial Grace

Flexibility is just the thing you need to feel stretched out and less stuffy. Get more flexible at Aerial Grace’s flexibility and splits classes.


Project Pole

Available at 5 locations in Maadi, Mohandeseen, New Cairo, 6ths of October and Heliopolis, Project Pole offers just the splits and flexibility classes you need.


Hers, located in Zamalek, New Cairo, Heliopolis and Nas City, offers great flexibility classes in a safe and friendly environment for ladies only.

F Squared

Get some splits, handstands, pole, silks and backbends classes at F Squared at 2 locations: Sheikh Zayed and Zamalek or online.

Pole Fit

Fit and flex your way through the summer at Pole Fit’s flexibility and splits classes in Garden City, New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed.