6 Food Delivery Apps in Cairo that Will Make Your Life Easier

Ordering food might not seem like a big deal but sometimes you just don’t feel like dealing with someone on the phone and having them mess up your order so you end up sending it back.

These food delivery apps will make your life easier when you order online and get their great offers. BONUS!


Get amazing offers every day and fast delivery when you order through Talabat. They deliver everywhere in Cairo.

App Store / Google Play / Website


When you install Koinz, whenever you buy or order delivery you get points. The more points you collect the better the reward you’ll get!

App Store / Google Play / Website


Elmenus started out as a website where you can find any menu for any restaurant in Cairo. They now make recommendations when you don’t know what to eat, give you offers and deliver.

App Store / Google Play / Website


A convenient way to order and satisfy all your cravings, when you download Akelni you’ll get special offers and you can pay cash or visa.

App Store / Google Play / Website


Food, groceries, medicine, stationery, clothes, accessories, and even gas could be delivered by Mrsool. All you have to do is download the app and get the offers.

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Are you ready to be Survved? Order some groceries, food, medicine or gifts and have them delivered to you in no time.

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