5 Places to Buy Fresh Pretzels On The Go

Pretzels can be eaten for breakfast, brunch or even as a snack. You can eat them with cheese, butter, jam, caramel sauce or just by themselves, the options are endless. That’s why we’ve collected some places that make fresh pretzels in Cairo.

Mr. Pretzels


Mr. Pretzels bakes delicious hand-rolled soft pretzels using the finest quality natural ingredients.

Ralph’s German Bakery

You can trust an authentic German bakery to bake you the best pretzels in town. Give Ralph’s a visit and check for yourself.

Auntie Anne’s

Pretzels, cinnamon sticks and refreshing drinks are all on offer at Auntie Anne’s. Everything is baked right in front of you so you can have it as fresh as possible.


Ovio’s breadbasket cannot be missed! They offer a bread assortment that is freshly baked in-house. They also make pretzel sandwiches that are just delicious!

Brioche Dorée

Home of French pastries, Brioche Dorée is also known for their bakery. Ask for their pretzels with a side of butter and honey. Mmm…