Movie Addicts – June 23rd

Each week we update you on what new films are hitting cinemas around town with trailers and ratings so you can impress your friends with all the movie trivia you know 😉  What’s in store for movie lovers this week??

The streets are made of music and little dreams become big in In The Heights, four young women must fight like gladiators as a bloodthirsty crowd cheers them on in Spare Parts, and a series of mistakes leads to a deadly collision between two criminals and a drug kingpin in Arkansas.
In The Heights

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 96% Fresh (Critics) – 95% Fresh (Audience)

The plot: Lights up on Washington Heights where at the intersection of it all is the likable, magnetic bodega owner Usnavi (Anthony Ramos), who saves every penny from his daily grind as he hopes, imagines and sings about a better life.

Spare Parts

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86% Fresh (Critics) – (Audience Rating Unavailable)

The plot: While travelling on their first American tour, Ms. 45, an all-girl punk band, is drugged and kidnapped. They awaken to find their limbs removed and replaced with crude weaponry, and are forced to fight as Gladiators for a sadistic town.


Rotten Tomatoes Score: 47% Fresh (Critics) – 52% Fresh (Audience)

The plot: Two small-time criminals find themselves in a tight spot after a failed operation leaves them to confront their boss, a drug kingpin whom they have never met. A series of mistakes puts them on a collision course straight to him. With a deadly confrontation on the horizon, can they handle the consequences of their failure?