6 Online Sportswear Shops That Will Change Your Life Forever

We know the struggle of finding a brand that is comfortable, durable, works with any type of exercise, is not too pricy and has an edgy style when looking for sportswear. This selection of sportswear vendors has exactly what you need so don’t sweat it (pun intended).

Asana Athleisure

Because you deserve the best, Asana Athleisure has studied the art of comfy sportswear and translated it into fashionable items fit for daily wear and intense exercise.

Sigma Fit

From gym workouts to team sports or a morning jog, we need to throw on the right comfortable gear to suit the task at hand and Sigma Fit is the place to start.


ZenEg is specialized in comfy leggings tailored especially for female athletes or those who like to have a comfortable style.


No one does style better than Dash. They have a cool sports fashion collection that you won’t find anywhere. Visit their online store but try not to overfill your cart.

Basically Me

When we think of cute sporty outfits Basically Me immediately comes to mind. Located in Osana Family Center, in Gouna and Alexandria, Basically Me delivers everywhere in Egypt.

Nexus Eg

More exercising means more sportswear. Get fit in Nexus Eg’s stylish activewear, adapted for any sport whether jogging, yoga or intense training.