Sustainable Fashion is the New Movement: Best 5 Online Thrift Stores in Egypt

Thrift shopping is now taking over Egypt. Who knew we’d be taking Macklemore’s lyrics so seriously? To be more environmentally friendly, we’ve gathered the best 5 online stores for all the fashion junkies out there to collect unique vintage pieces.

That way you won’t have to break a sweat while looking for new items and you’ll save loads of money.

Thrift Cult


@thriftcultcai not only sells personally thrifted items but also offers styling tips on each piece that they have. Just like that, you get instant outfit ideas and can make several fashionable additions to your closet!


For all Pinterest lovers, this thrift store is definitely calling out for you! @Mraythrift’s aesthetic is immaculate and their vintage pieces containing printed shirts, wide-leg pants, and many more are to die for.

Mray’s account is like entering our dream Pinterest board!

The Recycle

From leather goods to Phoebe Buffet-inspired dresses @therecycle_ has plenty of style variations to provide. Make sure to check out their account for some special pieces. Who knew buying second-handed clothes is this fun?

Retro Cairo

The trend of oversized shirts is here to stay. @retro_cairo has the most colorful collection of oversized goodies and their own special collection called “Toile de jouy”.

Heimat Thrift

Who isn’t inspired by the fashion of the 70s? Literally no one. @heimatthrift is giving you a shot to rock on your style with its exquisite taste.