8 Organic Honey Products in Cairo

Sourcing organic honey sellers in Egypt was not an easy job but we managed to collect a bunch of places that make, sell and deliver organic honey in Egypt. For healthier and more nutritious products, check out these services.

El- Demirdash Honey

El- Demirdash farm is a family-owned business that sells 100% pure raw unrefined honey. They make and deliver orange and clover blossom honey.

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Kom El Dikka is an Agrilodge, a 45-acre olive farm located on the hills of Tunis Village in Fayoum overlooking Lake Qarun. They sell and deliver all kinds of organic products like bread, fruits and vegetables.

Tel: 0122 244 0012

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Sara’s Organic Food

Growing, sourcing & delivering fresh food grown in Egypt, Sara’s Organic Food delivers premium and pesticide-free products including raw wildflower honey, raw banana blossom honey, raw cotton leaf honey and raw black seed honey.

Tel: 0101 894 4699

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Order some 100% natural, tasty honey direct from Peter the beekeeper in Manoufia, Peter makes and delivers orange blossom, clover, cotton and desert wildflower honey.

Tel: 0122 182 7025

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Bostan Setelhosn

Order some healthy, safer and affordable alternatives for your daily used ingredients from Bostan Setelhosn. They have a variety of honey from raw wildflowers to black seed and orange blossom.

Tel: 0114 780 2050

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Malak’s Honey

Malak’s Honey is a charity project that sells and delivers raw, unfiltered honey with no preservatives or additives. All profits are donated to a number of carefully selected Egyptian charities with a primary focus on cancer treatments.

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Enjoy some tasty, pure, raw, unheated, unfiltered, unpasteurized and unprocessed honey that is packed directly from the beehives. Order online from Greenolic.

Tel: 0120 428 4440

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Bee Natural

Bee Natural delivers locally made 100% pure raw honey without any preservatives or additives, straight from the hive.

Tel: 0102 129 7482

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