10 Restaurants that Are Perfect For Date Night

It’s always easy finding a quiet romantic spot for date night and that’s where we come to the rescue! These places have checked all the points on our checklist for being the most romantic places in Cairo. Check them out and plan ahead for your next date.

Tree Lounge

The ideal romantic spot for the most love-filled Valentine’s day ever! Tree Lounge will take care of all the cute gestures from flower petals on the floor to ballons and even candles. The best part is, it overlooks the Pyramids!

Locations: Maadi, Pyramids and Nile Branch

Tel: 01062557854 – 01095752628 – 01064285736


Estro is a cute little rooftop that overlooks the old buildings of Maadi. The food is blissful and the place is really cozy and quiet.

Location: 11, Road 18 – Royal Maadi Hotel 9th Floor Maadi -Sarayat

Tel: 0106 643 1590

La Terrace

Just like Estro, La Terrace is another indoor rooftop hidden away at the top of Presidental Hotel in the heart of Zamalek. It is the ideal date spot since it’s super cozy and romantic.

Location: 11th Floor, President Hotel, 22 Taha Hussein St., Zamalek

Tel: 0127 355 1573

9 Pyramids Lounge

What better way than to take the love of your life out on a date to watch the sun set beautifully behind the pyramids? Head to 9 Pyramids Lounge and make it happen!

Location: Al Giza Desert, Giza

Tel: 01212299999 / 01116999339 / 01110788866

Villa Belle Époque

Villa Belle Époque is an old villa in Maadi that has been transformed into the cutest venue for private events and a restaurant for when you want a table for two with a pool view.

Location: Villa 63, Street 13, Maadi

Tel: 02 23580265

Marriot Mena House

Another epic date by the Pyramids would be the Mena House. A breakfast date would be ideal at this location but it’s very nice by sunset too.

Location: 6 Pyramids Road, Giza 

Tel: 02 33773222


CaiRoma is the cutest little Italian place in the heart of Downtown. Known for its delicious pizzas and pastas, the place really transports you to Rome. It gets a little busy because there’s a very limited number of tables.

Location: 19 Youssef El-Gendy, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen

Tel: 02 23923228


The secluded bistro and bar is a great spot for some drinks and good music. You can reserve at Angélique through Whatsapp only.

Location: Walk of Cairo, next to Sodic West gate, Giza

Tel: 0111 102 6111

Pane Vino

Overlooking the Nile, Pane Vino is an Italian restaurant with an indoor and outdoor seating area. The wide panorama view of the Nile will mesmerize you during sunset.

Location: Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Cairo

Tel: 02 27988188


Settled right in the heart of Zamalek, Granita is a really cute and cozy place that makes delicious food and pastries/desserts. It gets a bit busy and loud sometimes.

Location: Cafeteria of All Saints Cathedral, Zamalek. (5 Michel Loutfalla Street)

Tel: 0101 279 7522