11 Places for Acting or Filmmaking Workshops

Has acting, cinematography or filmmaking been your dream ever since you were a kid? It’s time to make it happen at these 11 places where you can take acting workshops and courses. It’s never too late so if you don’t know where to start, here’s a good way to do it.

*Listed according to location


Pro Helvetia Cairo

Pro Helvetia Cairo is an excellent place to learn the arts of acting, design, theater, music and dance.

Studio Emad Eddin

At Studio Emad Eddin you can find a safe space to express yourself and enhance your skills and talents. Learn about their various courses and workshops.

Camera & Microphone

Dance, art, acting, music, writing and so much more awaits you when you visit Camera & Microphone.

Dawar Arts

Specialized more in theater performance, Dawar Arts has unique classes you’ll find nowhere else.

New Cairo


B-HUB is truly the hub for everything and everyone! You can have dancing, yoga, fitness, music, acting and more all under one roof.

Garden City


Work with your own hands and learn new techniques at Medrar where you’ll find several courses that suit any of your needs.


Muse Art House

Learn some acting skills from the experts. Muse Art House is a center specialized for acting with modern techniques taught by experienced mentors.

Pro Step Film School

Get some firsthand experience on-site with professionals at Pro Step Film School. You’ll find anything from screenwriting, cinematography, acting and filmmaking.


Gusour Cultural Center

If it’s art you seek it’s art you’ll get. Head to Gusour and get acting! They offer workshops for music, storytelling, calligraphy, acting and sign language.


Luke Lehner Studios

For beginners and advanced acting, filmmaking or scriptwriting workshops for all ages, Luke Lehner Studios have amazing courses and mentors.


Studio ZAT

Studio ZAT offers specialized workshops for amateur and professional talents to enhance their skills in a fun environment.