10 Places for the Best Brownies Ever!

What’s not to love about brownies, they’re chocolatey, oozy, gooey and fudgy! Check out this list of places to go to for the best brownies ever that were probably not on your radar. Proceed with Caution, because you’ll probably be drooling by the end of this post.

Ruchi Desserts and Bakery

Ruchi is a home baker who creates the tastiest Nutella, Lotus or Caramel brownies you’ll ever try.

Oven Heaven

Oven Heaven’s cookies and brownies are as gooey as they get! Order them online and bask in the chocolatiness!

The Grocer

The Grocer’s¬†brownies are the only thing you should be eating right now! Always made fresh right out of the oven, they are not to be missed.

The Grocer is located at Capital Promenade in Sheikh Zayed

The four fat ladies

When in doubt, order some yummy brownies or brookies from The Four Fat Ladies. We promise you will not regret it!


Any baked goods you’re craving you’ll find at Breadfast. All you have to do is order and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Brew & Chew

Everything desserts! From chocolate pasta to chocolate sushi to chocolate fondue and of course brownies, Brew & Chew has it all. Located in Maadi and Cairo Festival City Mall.


Brownies, brownies and more brownies. If you like experimenting with flavors then order one of Pecana’s boxes and mix and match between their pecan, lotus or salted caramel brownies.


Fudgy, chewie, salted caramel brownies sound so good right now! We’re getting ourselves some from Chewies.

Cuts & Nuts

Help yourself to some of Cuts & Nuts’ chocolaty brownies and pair it up with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Yummy! Our bellies will sleep happily today. Located in 6th of October.

Milk ‘N Cookies

We are in love with the brownies and cookies that Milk ‘N Cookies make, they just seem to know exactly what we want in a brownie.