Catering and Delivery Services for a Delicious Ramadan Table

In the mood for palate-pleasing, heartwarming food to make your iftar extra special? A lot of your favorite restaurants and catering services are just a phone call away.

Homemade Catering

Abby’s Kitchen

Abby’s Kitchen offers homemade sushi, as well as catering services throughout Ramadan in 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed.

Signature dish: Abby’s Double Special.

Tel: 0100 0003320
Facebook/Instagram: @abbyskitchenbynadine

Fiesta Delights Catering

Fiesta Delights is known for complete high-end catering services with a tantalizing selection of dishes and finger foods.

Signature dishes: Miniature Sandwiches.

Tel: 0127 674 3304
Facebook: @fiestaDelights.egypt
Instagram: @fiesta_delights_catering

Ghada Nawara

Chef Ghada excels in creating new dishes for her high-quality international menu. Catering can be done for 150 to 200 persons.

Signature dishes: Roast Beef with Prune Sauce, Duck with Freek, Stuffed Onions

Tel: 0120 002 7188
Facebook: @Ghada Nawara
Instagram: @ghadanawara        

Home Made Catering

Home Made Catering offers a wide selection of menus to cater for Ramadan gatherings. The menu includes anything from finger-food to the most to typical oriental dishes. you can select your items yourself or have them delivered. 

Signature dishes: Sophisticated canapés and hors d’oeuvres.

Tel: 0122 389 0145
Facebook: @homemadecatering.homemade
Instagram: @homemadecatering

Louly Halawa Cuisine

For busy housewives and working women during Ramadan, louly Halawa’s Cuisine has multiple frozen easy-to-use, quick-to-prepare vegetables, meat and other items.

Tel: 0109 888 0707
Facebook: @Louly Halawa Cuisine
Instagram: @Lou.halawa

Ma Cuisine

Ma Cuisine offers homemade catering for different tastes; Oriental, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian and more. For daily needs, its ready-to-go healthy meals will definitely save you time and effort.

Tel: 0122 950 0919
Facebook: @MaCuisine

Matbakh Shams

Experience gourmet Egyptian cuisine at its finest this Ramadan. Matbakh Shams offers a variety of signature dishes cooked with expertise and love. Choose from a selection of time-honored dishes, all ideal for family gatherings and corporate events. 

Signature dishes: Stuffed Pigeons, Stuffed Onions, Chicken Sharkasseya

Tel: 0102 707 7777
Facebook: @matbakh shams
Instagram: @matbakh_shams_

Ranette Rana Ghoraba

Finger food, savories and sweet items, creatively presented.

Tel: 0100 661 7745

Sett ElBiet

Home-style dishes and Ramadan favorites.

Tel: 0122 696 9446 or 0111 465 6667
Facebook: @Sett Elbiet catering

The Caterer

A selection of Ramadan menus and frozen food, all bursting with flavor and prepared with care.

Tel: 01223196975
Facebook: @The Caterer

Restaurants Catering


Single meals and frozen food ready prepared for cooking. Apron has special Ramadan dishes to please the whole family.

Tel: 01091999676
Facebook: @apronegypt

Baladina  (October & Zayed)

With a tempting range of traditional Egyptian and Oriental dishes, Baladina caters for both iftar and sohour.

Signature dishes: home-baked bread and feteer.

Tel: 0112 222 8887 or 0120 288 9977
Facebook: @Baladina
Instagram: @baladinaoriental

Beit El Ezz Resto

Tel: 0101 317 8885
Instagram: @beitelezzresto

Bon Appetit

Tel: 0100 608 4676
Facebook: @Bon Appetit Catering
Instagram: @bonappetit19101


Authentic Lebanese cuisine with a wide array of starters and main dishes, as well as desserts. 

Signature dishes: Djaj Msahab, Spiced boneless chicken served with potatoes and beetroot sesame paste.

Tel: 0102 709 4433
Facebook: @Caracas

Chef by The Cookery Co

Delicious Oriental and International dishes, dips, starters and desserts to make a memorable Ramadan iftar.

Tel: 0114 420 0044
Facebook: @thecookeryco
Instagram: @thecookeryco

Chez Dawlat Hanem

For lovers of authentic Egyptian and Oriental cuisine, Chez Dawlat Hanem offers catering with a wide variety of time-honored favorites. 

Signature dishes: Roast Duck, Stuffed Pigeons, Roast Turkey, Crème Brulée.

Tel: 0111 341 1143 or 02 37709055
Facebook: @Chez Dawlat Hanem Restaurant
Instagram: @chezdawlathanem


Crave catering offers a full experience, with waiters, chefs, equipment, crockery, glassware and more to make your event hassle-free. Exciting menus will take you to different levels of tastes and experience for iftar and sohour

Signature dishes: Everything!

Tel: 0128 800 003
Facebook: @craveegypt
Instagram: @Crave_egypt

Favilla Lounge

Offering a menu packed with mainly Italian dishes and specialties, Favilla lounge can deliver right to your door. Sheikh Zayed area.

Tel: 0100 3233 646
Facebook: @favillalounge

Il Mulino

For a huge menu of delicious international specialties, including sushi, pastas, pizza and heavenly desserts, give Il Mulino a call. Don’t miss out on the brown bread wraps either!

Tel: 0122 328 8854
Facebook: @Il Mulino Bakery & Restaurant
Instagram: @ilmulinoeg

Kom El Dikka Agrilodge

Tel: 0122 244 0012 – 012 7150 0504
Facebook: @Kom el Dikka Agrilodge



Tel: 0109 336 6664
Facebook: @kazouzaegypt

Le Pacha 1901

le Pacha’s catering department prides itself on a successful record that spans over two decades. A wide selection of menus, entertainment and tailor-made arrangements give you unlimited choice. Traditional menus, nouvelle cuisine, haute cuisine and ethnic cuisine.

Tel: 19982


International cuisine, desserts and pastries. Delicious family meals for Ramadan.

Tel: 19801 / 0101 333 3890
Facebook: @Ovio

Seasons Country Club

Tel: 0100 342 4777
Facebook: @Seasons Country Club
Instagram: @Seasonscc

The Smokery

Home Catering and Ramadan Catering

Tel: 0102 601 9175



Tel: 0128 888 0555
Instagram: @coppermeltegypt

Dessart Shop

Tel: 0111 812 3775 / 0111 200 0506

Address: 9 El Sad El Aly St., Dokki
Facebook: dessartshop
Instagram: dessart_shop


Tel: 0101 933 3398
Instagram: @DevourCupcakes
Facebook: @Devour
20 El Thawra St.
Tel: 0122 080 6066
Sheikh Zayed: Galleria 40 Mall
Tel: 0120 600 2602


Tel: 16340

Facebook: @dukespatisserieegypt

Nola Cupcakes

Tel: 16714
Instagram: @nolacupcakes


Tel: 19515
Instagram: @lapoireegypt

The Batter Half & Co

17 Mohamed Mazhar St, Zamalek (Tel:  0102 448 8878)

The Four Fat ladies

Tel: 16679
Facebook/Instagram: @THEFOURFATLADIES
Zamalek: 8 Brazil street
Korba: 18 Baghdad Street
6th of October: Guezira Plaza
Maadi: 10, 218 Street, Degla


Tel: 16679
Facebook: @tbsfresh
Instagram: @TBSEgypt


Facebook/Instagram: @tortinashop
Heliopolis: 105 El Merghany St. Tel: 0127 515 5499
Concord plaza Tel: 012 880 04279
Zamalek: 12 Hassan Sabry St. Tel: 0120 302 2406
6th October City (Arkan Mall) Tel: 01125695633
Mohandseen: 24 Abdel Meneim Riad St. Tel: 0102 806 3330
Kattameya Heights Tel: 0102 806 3338
El Maadi Address: 2 Laselky Street, New Maadi. Tel: 0100 473 7334


Tel: 19918
Instagram: @Tseppasmg

Sale Sucre

Tel: 19632
Instagram @salesucrepatisserie

Sultana Icecream

Tel: 0100 013 8153
Instagram: @siltanaicecream

Zanobia Patisserie

Tel: 0121 122 2262
Instagram: @zanobiapatisserie_eg


Cairo Marriott

Tel: 02 2728 3000

Pick up – Call 24 hours in advance

Conrad Cairo

Tel: 0122 744 3800
Email: [email protected]
Facebook/ Instagram: @conradcairo

Four seasons Nile plaza:
(Menu to go – Pick up)

Tel: 02 2791 7000
Instagram: @fscaironp
Facebook: @FourSeasonsHotelCairoNilePlaza

Intercontinental Semiramis

Tel: 0122 602 3624
Facebook: @ICSemiramis
Instagram: @icsemiramis

Mena House – Moghul Room (Pick up)

Tel: 0106 8817733
Facebook: @MarriottMenaHouseCairo
Instagram: @marriottmenahousecairo

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

3ezoumti by Kempinski: Tel:  0102 600 3524, 02 2249 5300
Email:  [email protected]
Bab Al Qasr on Uber Eats

Stiegnberger Tahrir

Tel: 0102 502 0444 Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @ steigenbergertahrir
Facebook: @ Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo