5 Waffle Places you Can’t Be Missing

Every once in a while we crave a good waffle that’s golden crisp yet fluffy and covered in our favorite toppings. That’s exactly why we’re taking you on a tour on international waffle day to some of the restaurants that make the best waffles in town!

Angie’s Place

Heavenly pancakes, crepes and waffles await you at your new favorite brunch spot, Angie’s Place in New Cairo.


Treat yourself to one of DipnDip’s sweet waffles with fruits, milk/dark/white chocolate and nuts if you please. We’re certainly planning to do so!

Loacted in CFC, City Stars, Americana Plaza, Mohandeseen and Mall of Egypt

House of Cocoa

A chocolate expert that will never disappoint is definitely House of Cocoa. Conveniently available almost everywhere around Cairo, it’s definitely worth a visit for a tasty waffle.

Located in Nasr City, Maadi, CFC and Mall of Egypt.

Cuts & Nuts

It’s hard to find a place that is solely focused on pancakes, crepes and waffles. One that has their own signature dishes is pretty unique too. Whether you like your waffle sweet or savory, Cuts & Nuts has all that and more.

Located in Zamalek and 6 of October

Marny’s Co

This sweet spot in Maadi has got us coming back for brunches every weekend and we don’t know if it’s the food or atmosphere but Marny’s waffles are just yummy.